The strength of the pool of researchers at SCALP S.A.S. lies in the ability to study, develop and put together a tailor-made product. And this starting from a desired application, a desired need or a ready made specifications.

  • In close harmony with the market demands and the strict European legislation , the SCALP.S.A.S. Labs has gone through thorough modernizations in order to keep the client satisfied, this to meet their growing needs.
  • We have hired highly skilled experienced people.
  • The labs have been extended.
  • Permanent investment in tools, computers and measuring devices
  • Quality control of our raw materials and produced products to maintain our ISO
  • 9001 Version 2000 Certificate

A constant partnership is realized with the end users of the products developed by SCALP S.A.S.
The products are certified to be of a constant high quality.



Low response times are one of the major strengths of our SCALP S.A.S. lab. To develop solutions and respond to specifications received from a customer in a record time is a priority to SCALP S.A.S.

Every study demand should comply with some basic principles before acceptance:

Our firm judges first of all if the project is “viable” together with the potential of the demand.
A study on ethics and environmental friendliness of the product is done.
Once this obtained the study demand can be accepted.
Research, Formulation, efficiency test, industrialization test and impact of the product on his very next environment (what packaging, which kind of warehousing , the evolution of the media which come into contact) characterize the basic principals of the SCALP S.A.S. labs.

SCALP S.A.S, being a member of the REACH committee and the major professional organizations like UIC, takes care of the labeling of the product by internal services and this in whatever language necessary. These labels do, of course, take into consideration the latest European legislation involved.

These low response times linked to our companies structure enables us to provide you with a finished industrialized product which lives up to your expectations and demands, and this in a record time.