60 YEARS OF EXISTENCE, It is a history of skills and knows how which have allowed SCALP S.A.S. to evolve and to develop. In the beginning a local distributor of chemical and cleaning products, SCALP S.A.S. and his management have constructed a business in specialized chemical products. Evolving from the simple mixtures to the more complex techniques of today’s products this in order to serve a very demanding market in terms of quality and performance.

The mission and the core business of SCALP S.A.S. is the research and development of special chemical products, their production and industrialization, and finally in the distribution through a professional international network.


SCALP S.A.S. is of assistance to the building professionals, as well as the transport and Industry specialists and this with products made on request. So in close cooperation with the final user of our products.
Today, the strength of our company comes through the choice of people we have working for us. It also and mainly develops through the reactivity , innovation and strong implication our people have in developing environmental friendly products.

A close follow up of legislations (both European as well as worldwide). Our involvement in the REACH comities and our membership in several professional organizations such as the UIC mean to ourselves as well as to our customers a warranty in developing products in a quick way but without forgetting the quality you need.

  • was founded in 1950
  • found its origins in the petrol industry , and has still today strong links with this branch
  • plant of 2000 sqm sitting on 9000 sqm industrial property
  • 5 km east of Paris , between the A86 and A3 motorways, at the crossroad with the N3
  • today s production capacity : 8500 mt per year
  • we have mechanical , electric and pneumatic production tools
  • warehousing : possibility to stock over 600 mt
  • ISO 9001 certified : version 2000 ; in preparation for ISO 14000
  • Quality control optimized : production plant, labs and offices on one and the same site
  • Heated and pressurized double sided stainless steel reactors with following capacities : 200l, 1000l, 2000l, 3600 l , 4000 l , 5000 l , 6000 l and 10000 l
  • Full automatic production process as from the warehousing of the raw materials up to the packaging
  • Fully integrated information systems which allow full control and fast intervention
  • Employs 40 people of which 10 managers
  • A sales force made out of 11 technical commercial people to cover the French national market
  • Distribution networks, international sales and split up in different regions (Africa, Asia, western Europe and eastern Europe)